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Adam MoseleyEnglish-born producer/engineer Adam Moseley got his start at London’s Trident Studios, where he worked with the likes of Phil Ramone, Tom Dowd, Mutt Lange and Steve Lillywhite. Now settled in Downtown Los Angeles, he operates a studio, owns the Accidental Muzik label and is an instructor at UCLA.

Having just finished an EP with Manchester artist Zoe Violet, he wants to talk studios and sound.

MilocoWhile centre stage belongs to studio and mixing console, the story behind the refurbishment of London’s iconic Church has an all-star cast – from new owner Paul Epworth through studio designer John Storyk, and the Miloco group that handled the build and will manage bookings, to the specialist techs who lent unrivalled expertise to the many aspects of the project.

MD Nick Young offers an insight into Miloco and the path to The Church.

The Exponential Horn

While Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome album is anticipating an extremely limited anniversary re-release, London’s Science Museum is exhibiting a recreation of a pioneering 1929 loudspeaker design.

There is casual coincidence in the naming of the exponential horn and Pleasuredome producer Trevor Horn, but they also have a tangible connection in their pursuit of sound fidelity against a tide of lo-fi digital distribution.

Tim MooreIt began with Waves’ announcement that it was accepting bitcoins as an alternative to established currencies in exchange for its plug-ins. A newsworthy move, and one that prompted a closer look at Bitcoin and its place in audio…

A journey through new money, new tech, crime and corruption ended at the door of a California recording studio, where Tim Moore sees an exciting future for Bitcoin in music.

Fibre optics

Entering a vast, uncharted cave system, the team suddenly lose contact with their advance reconnaissance. A broken fibre-optic link has them fearing the worst, but our man is safe and the link is quickly repaired – then the real trouble begins.

If the monsters we later encounter as the team explore the secret depths of Bruce Hunt’s The Cave are somewhat far-fetched, terminating fibre with crimps and electrical tape is simply ridiculous…

Conference roomThe phrase ‘poor relation’ is uncomfortably familiar to most audio professionals. Whether in broadcast, live sound, club installations or even games, the achievements of audio technologies and technicians are regularly obscured by everything from lighting to CGI. Even conferencing systems suffer the same injustice – as elsewhere, audio gets most attention when it fails.

But conferencing is presently a hot topic – particularly for Symetrix.

CDC EightRichard Ferriday and James Godbehear are in agreement – while their recent move from Midas to Cadac took the industry by surprise, it also presented them with something of a culture shock.

‘We’re now in a place where our contribution can make a difference to what goes on,’ Ferriday says. ‘It’s nice to be back in a position where you can make decisions and live or die by them.’

Audio Dynamite‘I’d say I am a bit of a gear geek – I am obsessed with mics and preamps,’ confesses Audio Dynamite founder Marcus Attwood – the man behind the Vintage Rock Drum Loops range.

‘Recording drums is my favourite part of a production – you get the chance to get all your favourite mics out and experiment with them – I think it’s a bit of a dark art really…

IphonwWhile geographically expansive, the world of pro audio is modestly populated. In any specific sector, the key players comprise a small but extremely mobile club. It’s a ‘people business’ – perfectly suited to a trade show’s ability to bring people together.

In reality, while a show might appear big and busy, it can easily be exhausting, exasperating and expensive. Now there’s an alternative…

Chris D'baisStepping in where magazines and manufacturers’ own channels of communication have failed, Technicians Crew Pass is a new social website expressly aimed at Australian audio and A/V technicians.

‘The aim is to help better the industry by having the most up-to-date information about what is happening in the industry right now, and by working with technicians from all over Australia,’ says Chris D’bais.

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