Latest Gear Releases


Communications, intercom, conferencing and boardroom systems
1 BroaMan MUX-22/IC AES
2 BroaMan MUX-22
3 Clear-Com ProGrid
4 Sennheiser ADN-W
5 Sennheiser TeamConnect
6 Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Delta
7 Lectrosonics Aspen SPN Conference/Trio Wideband
8 Clear-Com Tempest900 BeltStation
9 Symetrix SymNet Radius AEC
10 Optocore X6R-FX-Intercom-IC444/V3R-FX-Intercom-IC444
11 QSC Audio Q-Sys Designer v3.1
12 AKG Discussion System CS3
13 RCF DXT 9000 Digital Voice Alarm
14 Revolabs Executive HD MaxSecure wireless mic system
15 Sonifex CM-TB8 Talkback Control Unit
16 Revolabs Hybrid HD mic/XLR adapter
17 Clear-Com Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming/MasterBelt
18 Clear-Com HelixNet Partyline intercom system
19 DIS CP7851Camera/Microphone Control Package
20 Optocore V3R/X6R-FX Intercom for RTS
21 Cloud Zone Paging Microphones
22 Riedel Artist AVB line
23 Audio-Technica ATCS-60 IR Conference System
24 HME DX210 two-channel intercom
25 Clear-Com Tempest900
26 Clear-Com Concert Intercom-over-IP
27 Televic Conference D-Cerno
28 Altinex Collaborative Workspace Package
29 Altinex SP300-100 A/V Connectivity Package
30 Telex RadioCom BTR-80N Narrow Band wireless intercom
31 RTS Zeus III Digital Intercom Matrix
32 RTS MH series headsets
33 Bosch Security Systems CCS 900 Ultro
34 Riedel VoIP intercom integration
35 Riedel Artist 1100 Series OLED control panel
36 Clear-Com HelixNet
37 Lectrosonics Aspen processors/iPad control