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Singapore’s SAS enters new Constellation

Taking advantage of an upgrade to its auditorium, the Singapore American School (SAS) has installed a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system. The move both solves an acoustic issue that has prevented performers from hearing each other clearly and gives students the opportunity to learn about active acoustics. Additionally, it provides a flexible sound environment for community productions.

The system is built around a D-Mitri digital audio platform running VRAS acoustical algorithms. Room ambience is captured by 38 microphones, and an enhanced acoustical response is delivered by 200 speakers over the stage and audience. 

Rotor turns on largest Meyer cinema sound system

The installation of a 69-loudspeaker Meyer Sound cinema system has made German postproduction facility Rotor Film the largest facility in Europe to offers both Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D immersive surround sound. Located in the Babelsberg Media City complex in Potsdam, the recently opened mixing stage features one of the largest Meyer Sound cinema monitoring systems ever installed.

The installation follows intensive comparative listening tests involving management, staff and associated independent mixing engineers.

Katara Recording Studios opens in Qatar

Taking its place among the Middle East’s largest and most technically advanced recording/feature film audio postproduction complexes, Katara Studios has opened in Doha, Qatar.

The 6,000-sq-m compound was commissioned by The Katara Committee, with WSDG-Walters-Storyk Design Group invited onboard in 2012. WSDG was retained by Elie Wakim, head of the acoustical division of Doha-based, Imar Trading & Contracting.

Alcons takes the stage at Sweden’s Dramaten

Occupying an impressive Art Noveau building in Nybroplan, Stockholm, the Dramaten (Royal Dramatic Theatre) is Sweden’s National Theatre. As well as staging classical theatre, new Swedish and international productions it is a hub for child and youth theatre. After several years of renting Alcons loudspeakers, the venue has installed a permanent system in its main space.

Located in the main building, the 770-capacity Main Stage is the heart of the theatre. Its décor is maintained to be as close as possible to when the building opened in 1908, requiring the new system to be compact yet deliver very high-quality sound.

JALC completes Meyer Sound move

With the newly renovated Frederick P Rose Hall now open, Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC) now features Meyer Sound systems in every performance space within the prestigious New York City complex.

Sound Associates of New York led the coordination of all Meyer Sound systems throughout the venue, working on design with the JALC staff and Bob McCarthy, Director of System Optimization at Meyer Sound. Leopard was selected for the 1,233-capacity Rose Theater to provide controlled, even coverage throughout the irregularly shaped room while meeting the needs of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Fast-and-Wide Fast News Feed:

Case Study: Synchron Stage Vienna

Bernd MazaggSpecialising in sample library recording and the development of virtual instruments, Vienna Symphonic Library has opened the main rooms in a new large-scale, high-end scoring stage and studio complex, Synchron Stage Vienna.

Two SSL Duality δelta analogue consoles, an L500 Live console, and a high-capacity Dante Network via SSL Alpha-Link MX converters and SSL Network I/O products, form the technical backbone of the studio.


Dying like Heroes

HeroesSitting down to write this shortly after the deaths of Lemmy and David Bowie, I’m presented with yet more sad news. I can add Mott the Hoople drummer Buffin Griffin and Eagles front man Glenn Frey to the count of lost talent.

Tony Visconti has posted on Twitter: To the assholes who are saying they're dropping like flies, you nitwits, they are Dying Like Heroes! January seems like a very, very bad month for heroes.


Seeing Red: The Making of the Best Mix Room in London

The Red Room London‘I arranged for a crew from another country to go to the Paris studio at five in the evening. They went in and took the console to bits, took the outboard out, wrapped it all up, and were gone by four the following morning. They arrived here in London the next day… installed the console in two days and had it all up and running a week later.’

Seriously? You kidnapped a whole recording studio?


The Sound of Story: Chapter Two

Sound of StoryLike a finely crafted sequel, there was a perfect counterpoint between Ray Beckett’s passion for capturing film sound ‘on set’ at last year’s Sound of Story conference and Glenn Freemantle’s jubilance over having to build the soundtrack to Everest almost from scratch. But let’s begin at the beginning.

It’s Brighton, and the Lighthouse arts and culture agency is hosting its second Sound of Story to a full house…


Fast News

  • TiMax drives sound design at IAA motor show
    Sound design specialist paniX GbR used TiMax audio control software for the grand-scale commercial vehicle exhibition environments at the recent IAA fair in Frankfurt. For Hyundai, the paniX team deployed...
  • Abbey Road upgrades online mastering service
    Abbey Road has announced improved on-line mastering and mixing services with a completely rebuilt, more elegant file-sharing interface that allows users to send and receive tracks more easily. The result...
  • 2016 MPG Awards
    The annual Music Producers Guild Awards ceremony, saw Producer Charlie Andrew received the top award. Having received the MPG Award for Breakthrough Producer in 2013, he was nominated for this year’s...
  • Eras end for Shure and Eastern Acoustic Works
    Shure Incorporated has announced the passing of Chairman, Rose L Shure. For more than 60 years, Mrs Shure has served as an inspiration to all Shure Associates, past and present. She was a role model for...
  • Sound in print...
    The Great British Recording Studios documents the history of the major British studios of the 1960s and 1970s where many of the most important recordings of all time were made. The first comprehensive...
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