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Reykjavik Rock

The last leg of two-year world tour found Icelandic band Sigur Rós taking advantage of the latest refinements in the Skan PA equipment inventory. ‘We took a d&b audiotechnik system out for Sigur Rós late last year,’ says Skan system designer for the tour, Tom Tunney. ‘A short run, maybe three weeks, the system was based on J-Series with some Q-Series for fill. We drove the whole PA with D80s.’

New D80 amplifiers from d&b have been added since: ‘The most immediate thing we noticed was an indirect benefit of the active power correction, when we applied the ‘pull’ on the service with no gain reduction anywhere on the signal path it just sounded clearer.

Daniel Gonzales gets on the Grid for live monitor mixing

Working with the likes of Beyoncé, Frank Ocean and Gungor, live monitor engineer Daniel Gonzales has been finding Waves Audio plug-ins a growing part of his set-up. Currently, he is using the Waves Mercury and SSL 4000 Collection SoundGrid bundles mixing monitors for Beyoncé.

‘The more tools you have in your toolbox, the better equipped you are to handle any job,’ he says. ‘It doesn’t mean you’ll be using every tool every single time, but at least you will have them when you need them. 

Tape Studio opens with SSL

‘Built to boldly go where no studio has gone before’, Tape Studio is a new, two-storey recording/mixing facility in Edinburgh. Owned by ‘alternative’ record producer/mixer Stephen A Watkins, the studio’s equipment list and acoustics are on par with facilities in NY, LA and London.

‘We wanted to put together a studio that was completely over-the-top to match my personal recording/mixing style,’ Watkins explains. ‘The set-up features an all-guns-blazing, maxed out patchbay handling a Who’s Who of analogue outboard gear.’

Central to its operation are two Solid State Logic Duality SE consoles…

Virginia Arts Recording returns to analogue mixing

As part of a complete architectural and electronic renovation, Virginia Arts Recording recently replaced its large-format digital console with a 16-channel API 1608 analogue console with P-Mix fader automation.

The north-central Virginia-based studio has been serving local musicians, labels and radio stations for more than 30 years. Current owners Chris Doermann and Sean Dart are celebrating its history with the new console and a 24-track, 2-inch tape machine. The studio also retains its digital platforms with top-end converters to allow projects to chose from both technologies.

Endemol Sport adopts new tactics for new sports season

Endemol Sport has marked the start of the 2013-14 Dutch football season with the opening of three HD studios and production galleries, dedicated to match-day programming and highlights. Built around a common fibre-optic backbone at the MediArena in Amsterdam, the facilities are equipped with two Studer Vista 5 digital mixing desks.

The project’s aim was to improve both the quality of content contribution across multiple platforms for viewers using Fox Sports Eredivisie football pay-TV channels. 

Fast-and-Wide Fast News Feed:

Mind Games

BrainI have a poor memory. I have envied people whose minds enable them to retain, correlate and build upon their memories in ways I cannot. No surprise that I once found myself wondering what it would mean to be able to remember everything. And no small irony that I forgot about it.

I was reminded by a TV documentary that gave such a condition a name, and found myself on a ‘memorable’ journey…


Case Study: Melbourne Athenaeum

Melbourne AthenaeumDating from 1839 as the Melbourne Mechanics’ Institute, the Melbourne Athenaeum is among Victoria’s oldest public institutions. In 1873, it became the Melbourne Athenaeum and was the first theatre to screen a movie in Australia. In 1921, it began hosting theatrical and creative performances.

Today, it is home to the Melbourne Theatre Company, as well as hosting comedy, theatre, opera, acoustic and amplified concerts, and musicals.


Case Study: Coronation Street

Coronation StreetFirst broadcast back in December 1960, Coronation Street has a new home at Street Studios at MediaCityUK where is occupies an 7.7-acre studio and production facility. Here, AVC Electronics followed up its HD upgrade of the old studios served as broadcast consultant.

Key to the new technical infrastructure, BroaMan and Optocore fibre-optic distribution devices play a major role in the show’s automation system.


Interview: Tim Moore/Más Music Productions

Tim MooreIt began with Waves’ announcement that it was accepting bitcoins as an alternative to established currencies in exchange for its plug-ins. A newsworthy move, and one that prompted a closer look at Bitcoin and its place in audio…

A journey through new money, new tech, crime and corruption ended at the door of a California recording studio, where Tim Moore sees an exciting future for Bitcoin in music.


Fast News

  • A&H earns praise in Korea
    Recent expansion of the facilities at the Ulsan Galilee Church in South Korea have seen the opening of a new building housing an 800-capacity main worship area, seminar rooms, library and café, for church...
  • Outline Mini-Compass has a ball in Indonesia
    The new fourth-floor ballroom in Surabaya’s Ciputra World Mall has been equipped with an Outline Mini-Compass line array system by Indonesia distributor, Melodia Sound & Lighting Systems. The PA...
  • Agora adds SSL Live to sound inventory
    Italian rental company Agora has purchased an SSL Live console for its work with local and international music, sports and corporate events. Over 25 years, the company has served Italian artists Andrea...
  • Shure opens MEA office
    Shure is to open a regional office in Dubai, led by Freddy Sicko, who has long been involved in sales and management in the EMEA region from Shure's offices in Germany and has takes the role of Shure MEA...
  • Lawo takes the field for 2014 IPL tournament
    As it’s involvement with the ICC (International Cricket Council) World Twenty20 (T20) competition came to a close in early April, OB services supplier Broadcast Solutions was preparing to move its cricket...
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