Latest Gear Releases


A/V systems and supporting equiment
1 Roland V-1HD Video Switcher
2 Roland XS Series Matrix Switchers update
3 Roland HT-TX01 and HT-RX01
4 Tascam DR-70D multitrack audio recorder
5 Sound Devices v2.10 PIX firmware
6 Tascam DR-60D MkII
7 Roland XS Series matrix switchers
8 Roland VR-3EX
9 Roland VC-1-SC Video Converter
10 Roland VR-50HD A/V mixer
11 Lawo V__pro8 v1.0.4
12 Roland V-4EX live performance video mixer
13 Tascam PA-R100/PA-R200 A/V receivers
14 Lawo V__pro8
15 Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Live Video Switcher
16 Hitachi Projector Quick Connection
17 Sound Devices PIX 220i/PIX 240i recorders
18 Wohler Technologies WohlerCoder/WohlerConverter
19 Sound Devices PIX-Dock
20 Altinex ISC2000 Intera VGA+Audio Input Module
21 Sound Devices PIX 240 Version 2
22 Roland V-800HD Multi-Format Live Video Switcher
23 Sound Devices PIX 260 field video recorder
24 Roland REAC Driver Kit for V-Mixing System
25 Altinex TP115-110/111 Transmitter/Receiver
26 Roland M-480 V-Mixer v1.5
27 Extron MediaLink and TouchLink for iPad
28 Altinex TNP128/TNP128C Interconnect Boxes
29 BenQ interactive short-throw projectors
30 Altinex SR208-100 VGA-to-VGA video scaler
31 Altinex Reflection Series interconnect boxes
32 Røde Microphones VideoMic HD
33 Altinex TP115-352 HDMI transmitter/receiver
34 Røde Microphones Stereo VideoMic Pro
35 Hitachi BZ-1 Interactive Projector
36 Altinex RS232 To Twisted Pair Transmitter/Receiver
37 Roland V-1600HD update
38 Altinex AVSnap Version 5
39 Gefen Pro ELR Extenders
40 Sound Devices PIX 220/240 update
41 Roland VR-3 A/V mixer/switcher
42 Altinex TP115-350/351 HDMI Over Coax Transmitter/Receiver pair
43 TMD Mediaflex asset management suite
44 Singular Software Presto for OS-X
45 Ciphertex CX-Ranger-AV/ CX-Ranger-AVX
46 Gefen Toolbox KVM ELR HDMI extender
47 Rane Corporation HAL1
48 Attero Tech GearBox 18/6
49 BSS Audio Soundweb London Blu-8v2 Wall Controller
50 Roland VC-30HD Video Converter

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