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Independent power ampification and headphone distribution amps
1 Stewart Audio installation amplifiers
2 Lab.gruppen D Series
3 Ashly Audio Dante updates
4 Powersoft X Series
5 Coda Audio Linus10
6 QSC CXD-Q Network Amplifiers
7 d&b audiotechnik D80
8 Ashly nX Series
9 Sonifex Redbox RB-DA24MD
10 Lab.gruppen Lucia
11 Ashly Audio nX class-D amplifiers
12 Lab.gruppen IPD 1200/IPD 2400
13 Powersoft incorporates AFMG FIRmaker
14 Lindell Audio AmpX
15 Crown USBX
16 Peavey IPR 1600/3000 DSP (Waves MaxxBass)
17 Armonía Pro Audio Suite v2.3.0
18 Work Zenith 6000W power amplifier
19 EM Acoustics AD/AQ Series power amplifiers
20 Fohhn D-4.1200 power amplifier
21 Coda Audio C3 power amplifier
22 Crown I-Tech DriveCore Series 4x3500HD
23 MC2 Audio S800 and S1400 Studio Power Amplifiers
24 t&mSystems ProjectMix line
25 t&mSystems ProjectMix818
26 Camco D-Power D7, D1 and D05
27 Rane Corporation CP66 zone amplifier
28 MC2 Audio E100
29 Crown releases PIP card for CTs power amps
30 Lab.gruppen E Series installation power amplifiers
31 RTI AD-8 distributed audio system
32 Powersoft K Series amplifier upgrades
33 Stewart Audio RVC-RS232 RS232/Infrared Interface Adapter
34 Powersoft NWare/MediaMatrix plug-in
35 Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 installation amplifier
36 Powersoft M Series DSP+ETH power amps
37 Stewart Audio CVA100-2 CobraNet enabled power amp
38 Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite v2.1.803
39 Stewart Audio AV100 installation amplifier
40 Crown Audio XTi 2
41 Ateïs DPAfour250 distribution amplifier
42 Danley Sound Labs DSLA amps/DSLP48 processor
43 Turbosound 20000DP power amplifier
44 Pascal M-Pro2 amplifier module
45 Cloud Electronics VTX Series power amplifiers
46 Xantech CA1250 zone amplifier
47 Crown Audio XTi 2 Series amplifiers
48 Crown XLS Series amplifiers
49 Lehmann Audio Studio Cube headphone amplifier
50 QSC GX7 power amplifier

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