Latest Gear Releases

Test & Measurement

Systems measurement, calibration and quality control systems
1 RTW EBU R128 complaince
2 dbx test and utility boxes
3 RF Venue Vantage
4 DirectOut Madi.Moni
5 Audio Precision STI plug-in
6 Audio Precision APx500 v4.2
7 Bel Digital BM-A1-64Dante
8 Bel Digital BM-A2-4SHD MkII
9 Event Acoustics MeTrao
10 TC Electronic Clarity X
11 Bel Digital BM-A1-4SHD/BM-AV2-4SHD
12 TC Electronic LC2n/C6n
13 Audio Precision v4.1 update
15 Audio Precision APx500 v4
16 Bel Digital Audio loudness monitoring update
17 TC Electronic aNorm
18 Audio Precision APx555
19 TC Electronic Loudness Pilot
20 Nugen Audio VisLM update
21 Nugen Audio Visualizer update
22 TC Electronic LM1n loudness meter
23 RTW Masterclass PlugIns
24 DK-Technologies DK T7 Stereo
25 Jünger Audio D*AP8 MAP Monitoring Audio Processor
26 DK-Technologies DK T7 audio/loudness meter
27 Wohler Technologies Amp2 Series AVB update
28 TSL Products Pam1/Pam2 AVB Audio Monitoring Units
29 RTW LQL TC Touchmonitor compatibility
30 TC Electronic DB6 update
31 Audio Precision Android app
32 RTW Loudness Quality Logger
33 TC Electronic TouchMonitor TM7 expansion
34 Audio Precision Loudspeaker Production Test suite
35 Prism Sound dScope Series III upgrade
36 Nugen Audio LMB MXF file-handling
37 TC Electronic Broadcast 6000
38 TC Electronic Loudness Radar Meter update
39 Nugen Audio MultiMonitor software
40 Nugen Audio VisLM update
41 RTW TM3-3G TouchMonitor
42 TC Electronic TM7 update
43 Nugen Audio LM-Correct/LMB update
44 RTW TM3 3G/TM3-6CH/TM3 moving coil emulation
45 Bel Digital Audio BM-A1-E16SHD
46 TSL/PPL TouchMix Combo
47 TC Electronic DB6 Audio Broadcast Processor
48 Apex Audio Hera Mk.II sound level controller
49 Nugen Audio VisLM v1.6
50 Sonifex Reference Monitor

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