Telefunken ELA M 251 US microphone manufacturer Telefunken Elektroakustik is marking 20 years – founded by Toni Fishman in 2001, it represents the twenty-first century revival of the original German company founded in 1903, and faithfully follows a tradition of excellence and innovation established more than100 years ago.

‘Telefunken pioneered a new era in transducer technology and held the top position in microphone design throughout most of the twentieth century,’ Fishman says.

Maurice Genevoix has joined luminary French writers Voltaire, Rousseau, Dumas, Hugo, and Malraux, and revered figures from culture, science, and politics in France’s secular temple, the Panthéon.

Marking the occasion, President Macron commissioned a work by German artist Anselm Kiefer and French composer Pascal Dusapin – the first public commission for the Panthéon since 1923. The sound used technology from Amadeus.

Cathedral of the Holy CrossThe completion of a US$26m restoration at the 150-year-old Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston gave New England-based integrator Commlink the opportunity to showcase its prowess with wireless in worship spaces.

Chris Regan, co-founder and President of US wireless audio systems specialist RF Venue, digs into the workings of a well-engineered multi-zone wireless microphone system.

Loudness measurement with MediaProxy LogServer Television is a visual medium that, without sound, makes little or no sense. Surveys show that viewers are more forgiving of lower-quality pictures – increasingly common in the YouTube era – than of poor, loud or distorted audio. Because of this, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of broadcast sound, complying with technical and regulatory standards, is essential.

Mediaproxy CEO Erik Otto explains...

Sound of MetalIn its opening moments, Sound of Metal feels like a ‘rockumentary’ with the band performing on stage, moving on to the next gig in their motor home and working in the recording studio. But music quickly takes a back seat in the story, as the drummer’s hearing fails.

He begins a punishing journey of self-discovery – told with major use of Nicolas Becker’s sound design skills.

Landlocked by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, the Republic of Armenia remains largely uncharted and unelplored, with conflict-prone border regions discouraging the attention of adventurers and tourists alike.

In August 2019, however, a team of mountaineers from Europe, Australia and Canada spent two months exploring new routes for climbers and documenting the experience with assistance from Sennheiser.

The UninvitedPart of Grace Gibson Productions’ response to the the coronavirus pandemic is to offer radio stations free broadcast rights to its collection of classic half-hour radio serials for three months.

All episodes have been digitised and processed to remove clicks, pops and surface noise, making them compelling listening for younger listeners as well as for people who remember them from the first time around.

Whiskey Licker Up SaloonBinion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel has been a downtown Las Vegas institution since Texas gambler Benny Binion bought the 1935-vintage Eldorado Club in 1951 and re-opened it as the Horseshoe Club.

Executive offices occupied the second floor of the oldest part of the building until 2019, when a renovation carried out by current owner TLC Casino Enterprises saw old office space converted into the stylish Whiskey Licker Up Saloon...

Mobile Sessions StudioMusic manager Christine Hufenbecher came up with the Mobile Sessions Studio concept that she and mix/recording engineer Kenny Moran realised in early 2018. The vision emerged from observing the daily creative writing process.

‘We were thinking about ways to give artists, producers and songwriters inspiration by bringing them outside of their usual environment,’ she says. ‘What better way to achieve that than with a studio that can literally take you wherever you want to go?’

West End production of Hamilton (Pic: Matthew Murphy)Having been a pioneer of audio in theatre since 1973, Autograph Sound is not only an enduring Sennheiser user but has also played a role in product development. 

‘Our first purchase of Sennheiser radio systems was for Martin Levan’s design of Aspects Of Love in 1989, with 21 channels of SK 2012 transmitters with EM 1036 receivers – a groundbreaking set-up for the time and a forerunner of the large multichannel systems in common use today,’ recalls Autograph’s Duncan Bell.

THFC home changing roomBehind the scenes, they called it Project Leapfrog. Its aim was to eclipse the capabilities of comparable sports stadia in terms of both facilities and technology.

It is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, home to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and the UK’s largest Premier League football ground. Among many other accolades, it was also the platform for the full development cycle of a new line array. It is the Crème de la Prem.

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