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Case Study: Canberra Airport

Canbrerra AirportAirVolution is the largest private sector investment in Canberra’s history – a massive $480m redevelopment of the city’s airport that has won it the accolade of Australia’s Airport of the Year.

Part of the project is an innovative A/V installation from Rutledge AV that uses the best of Tannoy’s digital beam steering technology that covers the airports 55,000-sq-m, providing announcement and emergency services.


Case Study: Question de Son

Question de Son

Recreating the vibe of classic recording studios of the 1970s posed both acoustic and monitoring challenges for Question de Son studio owners Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol.

‘Many recording studios are trying to face the record industry crisis by simplifying their installations – gear, maintenance, less investment, essentially in-the-box mixing. At Question de Son, we resolutely try to go the other way.’


Hrafn: Conversations With Odin

HrafnFor his latest project, pioneering sound recordist and sonic sculptor Chris Watson turned his attention to the seldom-heard phenomenon of ravens gathering to roost, creating a unique audio experience deep in Northumberland’s Kielder Forest.

Led by a guide sharing ancient raven lore, the audience entered the deepest part of the wood where, with darkness falling, the air suddenly filled with the sound of two thousand birds arriving in the canopy overhead...


The Church: The Resurrection of a Recording Studio

The ChurchMore than the cocktail bar, more than the architecture, more even than the vintage instruments on display or the immense Neve mixing desk that dominates the room, there is a buzz here. Even among the prestige recording studio parties of past years, this feels special.

The church setting is somehow significant... something precious has been saved and everyone present knows it.


Case Study: 160 Massachusetts Avenue

160 Massachusetts Avenue centreClaiming to be  ‘one of the largest, most progressive and versatile professional audio teaching/production/performance complexes in the US’, Berklee College of Music has opened its 160 Massachusetts Avenue centre in Boston.

More than three years and US$100m in the making, the facility occupies four floors in a striking, 16-storey building housing ten studios from the Walters-Storyk Design Group.


London Re/Calling

With the reopening of The Church and F&W’s interview with Miloco’s Nick Young, the history of London’s recording studios makes good and topical reading. First published 1997, this exploration of it origins, its equipment and the engineers who tracked the music that they produced, gives a unique perspective. It begins here:

On the 50
th anniversary of the APRS, Tim Goodyer and Dave Harries trace the origins of London’s recording studios and its music recording scene.


Case Study: Great Gallery of Evolution

The Great Gallery of EvolutionRe-opening on its 20th anniversary, the Great Gallery of Evolution at the French National Museum of Natural History in Paris seeks to offer a ‘hi-fi’ audio experience throughout.

Going beyond the familiar sound system design process, this features site-specific loudspeakers that have been devised to provide performance and specifications that were not to be found in any manufacturers’ catalogue.


The Racing Line: Broadcasting Formula E

Formula EThe FIA couldn’t have asked for more when Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfeld collided on the final corner and allowed Lucas di Grassi to win the inaugural Formula E fully-electric single-seat race.

After 25 laps of the 3.44-km Beijing circuit at speeds topping 250mph, the race had proven Formula E’s ability to deliver the performance and drama of high-performance combustion engine racing.


Case Study: On The Run

On the RunArriving off the back of a 20-date North American leg, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are now on the road in Europe with their ambitious Bonnie and Clyde-themed stadium tour, On The Run.

Musically thrilling and immaculately choreographed, the show calls on Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 wireless microphone system to survive in the harsh RF environment created by the extemsive use of video and lighting systems.


Case Study: Proms in the Park

Last Night of the Proms Now a music and broadcast tradition, the Proms in the Park celebrations attract thousands to outdoor venues in London, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, and is broadcast live on TV and radio. Each event centres on a live concert with its own high-profile artists, BBC orchestras and presenters.

Capital Sound took on the Hyde Park event, providing an Optocore fibre-optic audio network infrastructure and Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker system.


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