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This archive of pro audio and A/V White Papers will extend Fast-and-Wide's technical resources. If you would like to submit a White Paper, Technical Paper or Discussion Paper for inclusion here, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
1 Calrec Networking Primer
2 Power and Grounding for Audio and Video Systems
3 Audio Loudness Measurement (ITI-R BS.1770-3 )
4 Continuous Digital Workflow
5 How to Test the Performance of a Microphone
6 Matching Microphones for Stereo, Surround and Multichannel recording
7 Calrec Audio Primer
8 Analogue and Digital Cable
9 DSP – Dispelling the Myth of the Floating Point
10 AVB - IEEE Ethernet specification updates
11 LCR Panning
13 Cat6 vs Cat5e Cabling - Implications for VoIP Networks
14 Perceptual Loudness Management for Broadcast Applications
15 Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Applications for DTS-HD Audio

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