Wireless audio specialist RF Venue has released the RF Optix RF-to-fibre-optic conversion system, intended to extend mainstream wireless mic systems’ use of distribution and wireless audio design. The system uses low-cost, lossless fibre-optic cabling to allow antennae to be located distantly from racks or equipment rooms located elsewhere in a facility.

RF Optix‘RF Optix brings technology from the world of broadcast and IT into the reach of church, school and theatre wireless users,’ says RF Venue CEO, Chris Regan. ‘Integrators, tour managers and technicians are now able to do things with fiber that would have been way out of budget or impossible, with coaxial cable.

‘One of the main constraints for distributed antenna systems for wireless audio is the cost and signal loss challenges of coax cables,’ he continues. ‘This is especially true for plenum installs, where plenum rated coax can exceed the cost of the entire audio system. With inexpensive plenum rated fibre cable, system designers can now rethink their equipment layouts without sacrificing the huge performance benefit of using a remote antenna system for their wireless system.’

The RF Optix system is offered as a single channel for connecting to one antenna or in a dual channel package for diversity antenna systems. The Install Package includes wall or rack mountable flanges and the Live Package includes a hard-shell carrying case. Both options include 10-ft BNC to SMA adapter cables for connecting to antennas and wireless rack equipment; 9V screw-on power supplies are also provided. Available accessories include 100m single-mode plenum fibre cables and 100m indoor/outdoor reinforced fibre cables. Custom fiber cable lengths are available.

More: www.rfvenue.com

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