ARX MSX 12The ARX MSX 12 transformer-isolated microphone/line splitter offers noise-free audio splitting with minimal set-up time, promising ‘an easy answer to multichannel signal splitting requirements’.

The MSX 12 is a totally passive device (requiring no power) and provides of four channels of transformer-isolated ultra low noise signal splitting. Each of these channels has a direct looped main/FOH feed, and a transformer isolated monitor split on the front panel. On the rear panel is an auxiliary transformer-isolated split for use with a remote recording truck or TV feed. Marker panels on the front provide a space where individual channel connections can be noted.

The all-steel chassis of the MSX 12 provides strong interference resistant shielding. Internally, state-of-the-art transformers deliver very high audio quality and total galvanic isolation.

The intuitive layout and uncluttered labelling of the unit provides a quick and easy solution to the increasing complexity of today’s standards of audio production.


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