Geman audio developer ESI has announced the MoCo fully-passive studio monitor controller for playback volume control of loudspeaker monitors.

ESI MoCo monitor controller

With a large knob at the centre of its desktop design, MoCo provides two separate stereo inputs, one with balanced quarter-inch TRS (Tip-Ring Sleeve) connectors, the other with both unbalanced RCA and unbalanced 3.5mm TRS connectors, and two separate stereo outputs, one with balanced XLR connectors, the other with balanced/unbalanced quarter-inch TRS plus unbalanced 3.5mmTRS connectors. With these users can select the input signal via an A/B switch and enable each output with separate A/B buttons.

There is a mono summing button, as well as an ability to quickly mute the playback audio signal at the press of another appropriate button. It is also possible to speedily swap the left and right audio signal channels.

There are no active components involved in MoCo’s minimalist design that could in any way alter the audio signal sound quality for connected studio monitors, meaning playback control volume is kept at maximum.


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