The Looptrotter Audio Engineering’s Monster is a stereo hybrid solid-state/tube compressor, the first offering from the Polish company.

Looptrotter Audio Engineering MonsterThe Monster is a stereo FET compressor with an optional tube saturation circuit. The compression section features input and output controls, plus attack and release. Compression ratios are determined by the input level – and a toggle switch enables the unit to be used as a soft-knee limiter.

The tube saturation section comprises a single rotary pot (click detent) that controls the amount of harmonic distortion present in the signal. A toggle switch is provided to boost second harmonics. This process can be hard bypassed, as can the entire unit.

There is also a Mix knob, which can be used for parallel compression, mixing the processed signal with the unprocessed signal.


· Original construction.
· Minimal signal path, based on specially selected elements.
· The FET transistor, responsible for signal reduction, ensures fast compression and generates even harmonics.
· The signal behind the compressor is amplified by the op-amp using discrete elements without condensers.
· The saturation system uses military grade tubes with extended lifecycle.
· The function of even harmonics generation within the tube saturation system.
· Quick recall setting of parameters, using a switch regulation system.
· The Mix function allows mixing of clean processed signals.

UK distribution is through KMR Audio.


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