Louder Than Liftoff’s Mister Focus is a collection of affordable 500 series processors that can be customised using modular analogue plug-ins (Colour modules) to create console-like channels aimed at no-fuss analogue results during tracking and mixing. It’s available as a console channel (Stage II), compressor (Comp), equaliser (EQ), and an a la carte version that can be user-configured (RGB) to create your dream channel for your unique needs.

Louder Than Liftoff’s Mister FocusStage II is colourful console channel to pair with existing mic preamps to add ‘organic analogue mojo’. It is available in three different tonal flavours – British (powered by Royal Blue module), American (powered by Mass Drivr module), and Tube (powered by Pentode) amplifier stages. The single-knob Focus EQ can be placed before or after this stage for tone shaping pre or post saturation. The signal lastly passes through a filter and multi-stage saturation section, powered by the Super Filter module, which can be toggled on or off.

Comp is a two-knob compressor with classic 1176 FET limiting powered by the Implode module. The single-knob Focus EQ can be placed before or after this stage for tone shaping pre or post compression. The signal lastly passes through the Mega stage powered by the Mass Drivr module. This features a discrete 2520 style op-amp driving the output transformer, which can be toggled on or off.

EQ is available in two different functional variants: passive Pultec-style high shelf boost (powered by Rogue-Tec Air), or FET saturating EQ (powered by FET Filter). The single-knob Focus EQ can be placed before or after this stage for effortless tone shaping pre or post saturation. The final signal passes through the Sheen stage powered by the Royal Blue module. This features classic British transistor amplifiers driving the output transformer. An optional treble presence boost can be enabled via jumper, and the entire Sheen stage can be toggled on or off.

RGB is a customisable platform for building a channel using analogue plug-ins (Colour modules). The first slot has separate controls for Colour drive and wet/dry mix. Configure vintage-flavoured line amps, compressors, EQs, or saturators. At the end of the signal chain a second analogue plug-in slot, Two-Tone, allows another shade of colour. HF boosts, or transformer-coupled output stages, can be added at the press of a button.

Mister Focus features three blocks of high-end analogue processing. All four versions in the collection feature the same basic architecture and layout. Stage II, Comp, and EQ are pre-configured with our favorite combinations of analogue plug-ins. With RGB you configure the Colour and Two-Tone blocks to build a custom signal path for your unique needs. The third block is our powerful single knob Focus EQ.

While Stage II, Comp, and EQ are set up with our favorite configurations, Mister Focus – RGB is offered specifically as a blank canvas that allows you to configure its functionality and customize its sonic signature by installing analogue plug-ins called Colour modules. A wide variety of fully assembled analogue plug-ins are available and are easily installed in the two Colour Module slots on Mister Focus’s printed circuit board with no tools required. With EQ modules installed in Mister Focus, the C-Mix knob varies the amount of boost and cut depending on the module.

The single-knob Focus EQ from the Chop Shop balances the bass and treble energy of the sound. Apparent loudness is maintained constant for meaningful A/B comparisons. Internal Shift jumpers decrease turnover frequency for a different midrange response. The Pre switch allows Focus to be placed before or after the primary Colour slot.

Available analogue plug-ins for Mister Focus include the Pentode subminiature tube saturator; Implode (the world’s smallest 1176 compressor); Pulse textured tape echo/delay; Rogue Tec Air - Pultec HF shelving EQ; FET Filter (a FET buffered tone-shaper with low shelf, high-pass and mid EQ); Mass Drivr American channel inspired by a transformer/DOA Line Amplifier; Royal Blue vintage British channel with discrete transistor and transformer circuitry; and Super Filter, a high- and low-pass filter block with multi-stage saturation. Third-party modules available from the DIY Recording Equipment store.

Pricing of the Mister Focus units is: RGB USUS$279, Mister Focus Stage II starting at US$419, Mister Focus Comp US$479, and Mister Focus EQ starting at US$439.

More: www.louderthanliftoff.com

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