Arturia has announced 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use – ‘a small, manageable set of plug-ins based on legendary hardware and have fantastic modern features’.

Arturia 3 Preamps You’ll Actually UseUsing the same techniques behind the V Collection of classic synthesiser models, Arturia’s developers have used True Analog Emulation technology to recreate sought-after examples of studio hardware – preamps made famous by Trident Studios, Telefunken and Rupert Neve. Arturia has also created a tutorial that covers every aspect of the new modelled effects. In-house sound designer Lyli demonstrates the differing tonal properties of each preamp, and also their unique EQs, the mid/side tone-shaping possibilities, and some of the more creative aspects of the plug-ins.

The collection comprises the 1973-Pre, which is based on the sound of Rupert Neve’s 1970s solid-state preamp and gives subtle analogue harmonic enhancement, as well as natural, analogue soft-clipping from two modelled transformers and vintage EQ. The TridA-Pre was inspired by the channel strip of Trident Studios mixing consoles, and combines the subtle sound of its preamp with the musical four-band EQ, and triple mode high-pass and low-pass filters. The V76-Pre is modelled on the sound of the Telefunken valve preamp, featuring a simple EQ.


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