Waves Audio has updated the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ in response to demand and end-user feedback.

Waves Audio F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQThe Waves F6 real-time frequency spectrum analyser is a ‘surgical’ dynamic equaliser with six floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, and mid-side processing.

The new real-time frequency spectrum analyzer is easily accessible from the main plug-in interface. In addition, features can be customised to meet personal needs. New features include adjustable resolution, adjustable reaction speed, RMS vs peak response, pre-EQ, post-EQ and sidechain options, frequency, note and amplitude display based on cursor position, and diverse LR monitoring.

Filters filters can be as narrow or as wide as desired, free-floating bands can overlap, and variable EQ shapes and threshold-sensitive EQ settings are available. Advanced mid-side processing capabilities give greater ability to create EQ space in a busy mix.

New features:

  • FFT-based RTA.
  • Pre-EQ, post-EQ & sidechain options.
  • Peak/RMS modes.
  • Diverse monitoring options.
  • Adjustable reaction (averaging) speed and resolution.
  • Pink and white noise slopes. Easy access to all analyser features from the main GUI.
  • Update is free to all F6 Dynamic EQ plug-in owners.

More: www.waves.com

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