Pro audio plug-in developer Brainworx has released the bx_console E plug-in, pairing a 72-channel emulation of the high-end British E Series console with comprehensive comp/limiter, full-featured expander/ gate, four-band parametric EQ, and high-pass/low-pass) filters, together with flexible signal routing.

Brainworx bx_console E plug-inbx_console E uses patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to simulate channel-to-channel variances of the E Series’ electronic components on each instance of the plug-in. The provides 72 varying plug-in channels, (re)producing the complexity and nuance for which high- end analogue consoles are highly regarded. An extremely low CPU load accommodates dozens of instances.

bx_console E allows swapping of the original console’s EQ revisions on a per-channel basis, substitute the compressor’s VCA with that from the later G Series console. Contemporary Brainworx mods expand the functionality of the plug-in beyond the original console’s capabilities.

The click of a mouse recalls a different E Series channel on each instance of bx_console E, producing a mixed-on-a-large-format-analogue-console sound. On any given plug-in instance, another click of the EQ Type button swaps models of the ‘black’ and ‘brown’ EQ revisions for the E Series console, which can be placed pre or post the dynamics section, or routed to its dynamics sidechain – providing ‘hot-swappable’ EQ for 144 distinct console channels. A further mouse click substitutes a model of the VCA from the later British G Series console’s compressor for the more colourful E Series VCA on any channel. Both Compress (compressor/limiter) and Expand (expander/gate) can be triggered by another DAW track routed to their external sidechain input, producing keyed rhythm tracks, ducked guitar and other sophisticated effects.

Extending bx_console E’s power and flexibility beyond that of the original console or typical channel strip, additional functions include a dry/wet control that gives parallel compression effects; an optional secondary release time control that prevents the compressor from pumping on delicate acoustic tracks, while an adjustable HPF for the compressor’s sidechain increases low-end power and punch on individual tracks, buses and mixes.

There is also a continuously-variable THD control to add saturation and density to any plug-in channel; two threshold ranges for the expander and gate (giving a 70dB range, permitting processing of tracks barely exceeding -60dBFS); an expander invert function that facilitates only monitoring the portion of the signal that will be expanded or gated; and the gate’s Hyst (Hysteresis) control, which sets a dedicated closed threshold up to 25dB lower than the open threshold. The original E Series’ HPF and LPF frequency ranges can be shifted by a factor of three, allowing the creation of midrange band-pass filters; a continuously-variable V Gain (Virtual Gain) knob; comprehensive monitoring and metering sections including solos for mid and side channels, and EuCon parameter mapping for Avid controllers, including the S6 control surface.

‘It’s hard to describe the excitement of sitting at a real analog, large-format E Series console, comparing it to our bx_console E plug-in emulating the exact same console, and not being able to tell the difference,’ says Brainworx owner, Dirk Ulrich. ‘Other emulations miss the most crucial part of what makes those big boards so desirable, which is the depth and width of the sound – you can only get that from many slightly different channels together, working their magic on the music.’


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