Tascam DA-6400Tascam’s DA-6400 is an all-new, 1U-high rackmount 64-track recorder that records to an internal SSD drive caddy for live and event recording.

Professional I/O options include Madi and Dante, supporting use in live recording, event capture and as a backup for critical DAW sessions. Included with the DA-6400 is an AK-CC25 hot-swappable caddy containing a high-performance 240GB Tascam solid-state drive. The caddy includes a USB 3 jack for standalone use – simply hand the drive to a client to offload the BWAV files into their DAW session. The DA-6400 records 64 tracks at 48kHz, 24 bits or 32 tracks at 96kHx, 24-bits. Included on the rear panel are SMPTE time code, word clock, RS-422, parallel and Ethernet connections.

I/O options include the IF-MA64/EX interface card, with both coaxial and optical Madi connections. This card includes a redundant coaxial connection so that Madi is passed through even if power is lost, providing backup for DAW sessions. Other I/O options include the lower-cost IF-MA64/BN coaxial Madi card, IF-DA64 Dante card, and IF-AE16 AES/EBU card, with more to come.

The DA-6400  is available with a single or dual/redundant power supply.

More: http://tascam.com

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