After two years of intensive real-world testing, VB Audio has made its MT128 software available to equipment makers and service providers in entertainment, radio, television and special events.

The MT128 is a player-recorder with 128 digital audio tracks and a unique graphical user interface compatible with a touchscreen. The system can readily be adapted to live recordings, rehearsals, continuous recording on TV sets, storage, digitising audio material, and other applications.

‘The MT128 project began in 2005 when it became clear that there was no recording software on the market adapted to operational situations and stressful environments,’ says VB Audio’s Vincent Burel. ‘We paid careful attention to comments from sound engineers regarding overly complicated generalist audio software unsuited to managing a large number of tracks and in situ constraints. This led us to launch a project to develop a digital audio 128-track player-recorder driven by a simple, efficient graphical user interface on a touchscreen.

‘The first constraint was to guarantee the system's reliability,’ he explains. ‘That's why the MT128 integrates measuring tools and a test protocol that validates the configuration point by point: stability of the DSP load in real time, stability of the digital audio streaming, load tests for disks, tests in situ, and endurance tests. The MT128 can even cope with power cuts, including during recording (the audio files are automatically repaired when the project is recharged).’

As well as being used by Innovason/Lawo as an embedded recorder – MT128 is the program behind the 64-track Mars player-recorder integrated into the Eclipse console – it is also now available in Germany and France through other suppliers.

The software is designed to be either embedded (as with the Eclipse console) or run on a dedicated PC. It includes administration functions (like disk formatting) that make it possible to hide the operating system or to limit access to a restricted number of users or just to administrators.

It gives users a dedicated system operated reassuring touchscreen interface as well as quick, stable functionality. Furthermore, the MT128 remains software, with all the advantages of simple, secure procedures to update and adapt.

MT128 licences are sold exclusively to industrial firms, equipment makers, and service providers who are looking for a turnkey recording solution. The MT128 is an application for use by professionals with the appropriate configuration and infrastructure.

Enquiries from parties interested in building turnkey solutions provided by the MT128, or to becoming an integrator/distributor are invited.


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