Solid State Logic will debut v4 software for the C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console at NAB.

According to the UK-based manufacturer, the new release adds features and options ‘that significantly increase capability, productivity and connectivity for the high-end broadcaster’.

Highlights of the software include:

C-Play, which integrates a professional audio playout system into the console surface, delivering integrated recall of playlists with console projects and a competitive price benefit. Compatibility with external studio systems is also enhanced.
• Version 4 includes integration with Mosart Medialab Newscast Automation. Mosart is one of the world’s leading production automation systems and adds to existing support for Sony ELC and Ross Overdrive.
• Full duplex connectivity with Reidel RockNet Audio Networks (including remote preamp control and compatibility with their Independent Gain System) expands compatibility with installed audio networks.
• Audio Follow Video capabilities are also enhanced with independently programmable ramp on/off fade times.

Improving on a class leading set of redundancy capabilities, v4 introduces Loop Redundancy Mode for the SSL Morse Stagebox and the new Alpha-Link Live-R Madi I/O unit. Building on the success of the Alpha-Link Live low cost console I/O unit, the new Alpha-Link Live-R unit adds a set of Redundant Madi optical-fibre connections to the existing Alpha-Link Live low cost console I/O unit. The Loop Redundancy Mode reduces the number of cables required for redundant fibre system installation and doubles the amount of audio signals that can be passed between the C10/C100 and the modular B-RIO I/O Unit.

Version 4 also brings several surround production additions. The 5.1 Foldown system adds user adjustable individual centre, rear (LS and RS) and LFE gain setting, an overall stereo output level trim and a new M-3/M-6 mono fold-down option. A new 5.1 BLITS Tone Ident generator routes to all 5.1 format PGM, ASG, Channel and Utility Buses.


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