RCF’s D-Line MK4 range of loudspeakers is the latest implementation of the company’s FiRPhase processing, targeting applications in live sound reinforcement, sound hire, portable and installed A/V systems, live music and theatre, nightclubs and houses of worship, where they can be used as a front of house PA system, high-powered floor monitors and unobtrusive fixed installation.

RCF D-Line MK4 loudspeaker range

The range comprises the HD 32-A Mk4 two-way active speaker, HD 12-A Mk4 two-way active speaker and HD 10-A Mk4 1.4kW super lightweight speaker.

RCF class-D power amplifier’s technology combines high-performance operation and high efficiency with a lightweight solution. D-Line amplifiers features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but also assists in heat dissipation. All D-Line amplifiers use SMPS power supply section for maximum output and minimum transportation weight.

The HD Series uses proprietary FiRPhase technology advanced FIR filtering algorithms designed to deliver transparent sound and clarity. The FiRPhase algorithm optimises dynamics, amplitude and phase patterns and ensures minimum latency in the system.

The cabinet design incorporates ergonomic handles with rubber hand grip, Powercon I/O connectors, and two M10 and three M6 threaded inserts for optional mounting hardware.

The HD 32-A Mk4 offers 1.4kW peak power with 131dB max SPL. It uses a 90° x 60° wide-dispersion constant-directivity horn, and is loaded with a 12-inch woofer with 2.5-inch voice coil and a 2-inch HF driver with a titanium dome and neodymium 3-inch voice coil. The HD 12-A Mk4 also delivers 1.4kW peak power with 130dB max SPL. Its 90° x 60°, wide-dispersion constant-directivity horn is accompanied by a 12-inch woofer, high power with 2.5-inch voice coil and a 1-inch HF driver with a titanium dome, and neodymium 1.5-inch voice coil. The HD 10-A Mk4 delivers 800W peak power at 128dB max SPL. It uses a 90° x 70° wide-dispersion constant-directivity horn and is loaded with a 10-inch woofer, high power with 2-inch voice coil and 1-inch HF driver with a titanium dome and neodymium 1-inch voice coil.

More: www.rcf.it

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