Danley TH-Mini15The Danley TH-Mini15 is an ultra-compact subwoofer loaded with a single 15-inch driver, delivering 132dB continuous (135dB programme) SPL down to 50Hz with 105dB sensitivity.

An alternative to the Danley TH-Mini with its 12-inch driver, the TH-Mini15 weighs 100lbs and measurs 30-inch x 18-inch x 24-inch, and is intended for pack-and-go live situations as well as for fixed installations where space is a premium.

‘The Danley TH-Mini15 is a great-sounding little subwoofer that can be moved with relative ease,’ says Danley President, Mike Hedden. ‘It’ll fit under a pick-up truck bed cover or in the tight space under the stairs at a restaurant. It’s got a pole cup to make it easy to mount atop boxes and the handles are all well placed for ergonomic transport.

‘If you need something even smaller, look to the Danley TH-Mini, but if you can afford a few extra pounds and a few extra inches, the TH-Mini15 has lower and louder output. Both boxes are great ambassadors of the Danley sound when small size and light weight are required.’

More: www.danleysoundlabs.com

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