Audified MixCheckerAudio effects developer Audified has released the MixChecker ‘mixing assistant’ plug-in, allowing DAWs to model different monitor loudspeaker types.

With music being listened to on a wider range of reproduction systems than ever before – desktop speakers, tablets and smartphones, joining TV and radio, and home and in-car music systems – there is an unprecedented need for mix checking.

MixChecker’s functions are presented in two sections. Simulation accesses acoustic models of consumer devices and classic reference monitors –selecting a device is achieved with a single button (clearly labelled with an instantly-recognisable icon), and cycling through the buttons a simple operation. Not all studio monitors deliver a flat frequency response, so the Compensation control section offers four more clearly-labelled buttons to tell MixChecker that you are using average 5-inch or 8-inch speakers or headphones, and presents the resulting sound change accordingly.

The Bypassbutton turns off all processing, passing the signal through MixChecker without being treated.


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