Celestion CDX14-3030The Celestion CDX14-3030 is1.4-inch exit, ferrite magnet compression driver aimed at larger format sound reinforcement applications.

With a 3-inch copper-clad aluminium voice coil driving a titanium diaphragm, the device delivers 75Wrms power and 106.5dB sensitivity across a frequency range of 500Hz-18kHz. Recommended minimum crossover frequency (at 12dB/octave) is 1kHz.

This driver uses Celestion’s next-generation of Sound Castle diaphragm clamping assembly to ensure even clamping pressure on the diaphragm surround, while actively reducing stress on the diaphragm during operation. This contributes to lower distortion while enabling the full internal volume of the rear cover to act as a loading chamber for the diaphragm.

‘This compression drivers bring together the best elements of technology used in the most successful products of our CDX range,’ says Celestion Head of Engineering, Paul Cork. ‘The design extracts the maximum performance from a unit that is surprisingly compact for a 1.4-inch exit device.”

More: www.celestion.com

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