Loudspeaker driver manufacturer Beyma has introduced the PW family, with the release of 18-inch and 21-inch low-frequency models.

beyma 21PW1400FeThe 21PW1400Fe and 18PW1400Fe have been designed with the lates technologies and materials available to the Italian company, with the aim of deliver the best performance in a subwoofer system.

Both models are extended low-frequency transducers designed for vented configurations, and feature the company’s proprietary Malt Cross advanced cooling system, which allow the speakers to handle up to 2.8kW programme power, reducing losses due to power compression in the 4-inch double layer inner/outer voice coil. This design approach allows the ratio between mass and inertia in a dynamic behaviour of large moving parts to be balanced accurately, giving a better control in extreme mechanical displacements (Xdamage is 55mm).

With this and a carefully designed motor and suspension system using MMSS technology, the SPL handling can be high, accurate and stable. The final result is extremely controlled transient response and low distortion (Xmax is ±10mm), high thermal and mechanical stability, high durability and a consistent performance in the life working period of these subwoofer loudspeakers.

More: www.beyma.com

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