Employing new materials, and thousands of hours of modelling and testing, B&C Speakers is claiming lower distortion at higher SPL than has previously been possible with the release of the DCX464 coaxial ring radiator.

B&C DCX464 coaxial ring radiatorDesigned from scratch to ‘advance the state-of-the-art’, the DCX464 is the product of five years’ R&D investment in a family of next-generation high-frequency devices. ‘Compression drivers are the linchpin of a PA system: operating at wavelengths too small to readily couple with other drivers, they alone have to fight distance and atmospheric losses to deliver concert sound pressure levels to ever larger audiences,’ the company says.

The DCX464’s midrange diaphragm covers 300Hz to 5.5kHz with 110dB sensitivity, and its 100mm voice coil handles 220W. The 64mm coil high-frequency diaphragm covers 3kHz to 18kHz with 112.5dB sensitivity and handles 160W. A patent-pending midrange integrator allows both diaphragms to work in together over a wide bandwidth, for greater combined output and crossover flexibility. All this energy arrives at a 1.4-inch throat, providing what B&C believes to be the most compact package that can be designed today.

More: www.bcspeakers.com

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