Waves Audio has released the X-WSG I/O card and the Waves Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles as the most cost-effective means of running SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins on the consoles.

Waves Audio X-WSG I/O cardThe X-WSG I/O card and a SoundGrid DSP server support mixing with SoundGrid audio plug-ins from Waves and compatible plug-ins from other companies. Soundcheck and multitrack recording are also supported with plug-ins – all with extremely low latency. 

The Waves X-WSG card enables connection of a digital console to any Waves SoundGrid audio processing server via a single Ethernet cable. It also features clock Sync-over-Ethernet for syncing multiple mixers and performing digital splits.

X-WSG card features:
· X32 and M32 consoles.
· 32 I/O channels of audio.
· 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates.
· Clock Sync-over-Ethernet (SoE) for digital splits and audio networking.
· Redundancy and recovery options.
· Compatible with standard computers and switches.
· Comes with SoundGrid Studio Application.
The X-WSG card is part of the Waves Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles. This combo is the complete, affordable system for mixing live with SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins on X32 and M32 mixers. It includes a SoundGrid Impact Server for plug-in processing, the X-WSG I/O card, six Waves plug-ins for live mixing and the Waves MultiRack plug-in host application, as well as Ethernet cables and a network switch for connecting all hardware components.
Impact Combo features:
· Mix, record and soundcheck with SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins.
·  X32 and M32 live mixing consoles.
· Real-time, low-latency processing for any live show or event.
· Includes X-WSG I/O card, SoundGrid Impact DSP server, MultiRack host.application, six Waves plug-ins, network switch and three Cat6 Ethernet cables.

The X-WSG I/O card and the Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles are now available for pre-order. Both ship in Q2 2017.

More: www.waves.com

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