DirectOut ExBox.MDGerman pro audio specialist DirectOut has announced its first Dante device – the ExBox.MD.

Derived from a product line based around Madi, DirectOut was early adopter of Ravenna, adopting Waves Soundgrid as a second network audio format in 2016. The release of the ExBox.MD extens its product line further with a small yet powerful Dante-to-Madi converter box.

The operational concept of the ExBox.MD is to take any Madi format (coaxial BNC, optical SC or SFP) and convert all 64 channels to Dante and vice-versa. The device can be powered by up to two external power-supplies as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet). Four network ports are connected to an internal switch allow the use of Dante’s redundancy mode, while further ExBox.MDs or other Dante devices can be connected directly to increase the number of channels. The convenient third-rackspace size of the ExBox series, combined with the rock-solid housing and redundant power supplies, makes the ExBox.MD a useful connectivity tool for touring live shows, OB vans as well as studio applications.


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