Roland Systems Group (RSG) has released new firmware (v1.5) for the M-480 V-Mixer console.

The free update includes increased DCA groups and Scene Fade Function – aimed at the theatre and broadcast markets – as a response to the uptake of V-Mixing System installations in these areas.

Increasing the number of DCA groups from eight to 24 provides more power to the mix in larger or more complex applications as well as when using the M-480 in 96-channel cascade configurations. The Scene Fade function allows channel fader levels to be set to fade smoothly when a scene is changed. Fade time is selectable up to 100s and can be set to on or off for each channel and each scene. This function is intended for musical and theatre applications.

New Delay parameters can now be set up to 1.2s on any input or output channel – important when longer times are required in video/streaming production or audio time alignment at large venues. Five new channel effects include Multi-Band Compression/Expansion and four modelled Boss compact effects including OD/DS series (Overdrive/Distortion), DD-3 (Digital Delay), DM-5 (Delay) and CE-1 (Chorus Ensemble).

The v1.5 update will be available in April 2012 and can be downloaded from the RSG website.


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