Describing it as 'a DP448 on steroids', XTA has launched the DP548 Dynamic Audio Processor.

XTA DP548 Dynamic Audio ProcessorThe new unit combines carefully selected element of XTA’s technology, adding Series 2 Dynamics Onto a 4 Series base. 'You can think of the DP548 as "a DP448 on steroids", but that only paints part of the picture,' says Sales & Marketing Director, Bill Woods. 'Think of a standard DP448 – fully loaded with a 28-band EQ, eight parametric EQs and delay on every input; high-pass, low-pass, nine parametric EQs and delay, plus a combination of two limiters, including the look-ahead D-Max limiter on each output. Then add three bands of dynamic EQ on every input, and a variable-knee compressor on every output with full control over ratio, threshold, attack and release times. On top of all that, include full matrix mixing of any input to any output or mix of outputs and provide memory recallable dynamic EQ for the first time via AudioCore, and that is the power and potential  of the DP548.'

Those already familiar with XTA’s Series 2 Dynamics will see the benefit that adding this functionality brings – particularly as dynamic EQ becomes an ever-more important tool in live as well as installed sound markets. 'The reaction we have already had to this product has been fabulous,' says Woods. 'Watching the Dynamic EQ curve adapt in real time in AudioCore has proved to both mesmerize and delight everyone who has seen it!  We are confident that the DP548 will quickly become the go-to solution for many sound engineers seeking multi channel dynamic EQ and compression, and many sound contractors seeking overall system dynamic control.'

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