Cedar Audio Retouch 7Cedar Audio has launched Retouch 7, which will be supplied as part of the new Cedar Studio 7 suite in both Pro Tools and standalone versions.

With a new user interface and enhanced processing, Retouch 7 is designed for use in mastering studios, mix suites, postproduction houses and forensic laboratories –anywhere there is a need to identify, isolate and manipulate individual sounds within an audio file. Two new processes, Cleanse and Revert, have been added, and a simplified GUI makes it possible to obtain optimum results more easily and more quickly.

It difficult to isolate sounds such as wanted speech in the presence of strong, but relatively short-lived background noises such as gusts of wind blowing across a microphone. Retouch 7’s Cleanse separates wanted signals from unwanted and allows suppression of the noise by modelling the signal outside of the region to be restored, then using this model to isolate the wanted signal, resulting in accurate separation and noise reduction.

To assist workflows, Revert allows any part of the spectrogram to be defined and returned it to its original, unprocessed form. More powerful than stepping through a list of actions, this allows the reinitialisation of any part of the audio regardless of where it came in the process history, leaving later work untouched.

Retouch 7 is available as a 64-bit process for Pro Tools and, since VST does not support the Retouch architecture, there are a standalone versions for the Mac and PC. The supported host systems are Mac OS-X 10.7 onward 
ad Windows 7 onward.

More: www.cedaraudio.com

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