MediaMatrix has released v1.7.2 of its NWare distributed audio and control programming software, which includes the new Clean Project feature to remove several types of files from the project to save storage space. The new release also includes additions to the Kiosk2Go wireless control interface application.

NWare v1.7.2 expands Kiosk2Go’s programming tools to support a more customised user interface with better and more accurate control parameter feedback. Designers can now control the appearance of combo boxes by specifying different settings, such as font style and size, background color and border colour. When adding control knobs to the Kiosk2Go interface, it is now simpler to specify images to enhance their appearance. When a Kiosk2Go Dialog Device is added to a project, the layout properties will now allow designers to specify whether a title bar is shown on the dialog in Kiosk2Go.

NWare v1.7.2 also improves NWare functions and performance. The Clean Project feature allows programmers to remove compiled files, including .exe, .xml, .fsl, .json, and .dat files, from compiled projects to save space. Meter gain labels can now be specified as part of the control properties.

NWare v1.7.2 includes a simplified licensing system for the nControl processor. Hardware keys issued after the release of v1.7.2 will not require a specific activation key to use the device. The presence of the green nControl USB hardware key will be sufficient for the product to operate.

Version 1.7.2 of NWare is available for download from the Peavey Commercial Audio website.

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