D*AP4 VAP Voice Processor Jünger Audio has released the D*AP4 VAP, a voice processor for use in radio broadcast, TV production voice-over and feature film ADR.

The unit offers automatic and dynamic EQ control to balance spectral differences in real time. By analysing incoming audio and comparing its spectrum with individually predetermined voice ‘fingerprints’, it can automatically apply dynamic EQ correction to give a consistent sound.

In radio, broadcasters can create an aural identity by using a station ‘master sound fingerprint’ as a reference and allowing the unti’s Spectral Signature algorithm to match different programme elements to this signature.

Jünger Audio has also provided a dedicated voice leveller and auto-mixer circuit to help mixed voice programmes into loudness-based broadcasting on the fly. Using the optional SDI I/O card automated voice over for SDI embedded audio becomes an attractive feature of the D*AP4 VAP.

Connected as either an insert into a mixing desk or as a stand-alone unit, D*AP4 VAP offers interfaces that allow integration in existing environments via an AES insert. The unit can also be used with an optional analogue board that adds two high-quality mic preamps.

‘The D*AP4 VAP draws on our extensive experience with previous voice processing devices such as the VO2, but adds new tools and algorithms to create an easier and more efficient approach to voice processing with no compromise in sound quality,’ says Jünger Audio CEO, Peter Pörs. ‘We have also included processing such as HP/LP filtering, versatile dynamics section, full parametric EQ and de-essing, and made the unit really easy to use – even for non-technical radio staff such as producers and journalists.’

More: www.jungeraudio.com

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