Digigram has released Codec Fleet Manager, a web-based application that provides structured management of audio-over-IP (AoIP) contribution codecs.

Accessible from anywhere through a web browser, the application automatically synchronises phonebooks, connection profiles and ‘favourite’ groups of codecs to dramatically simplify deployment and day-to-day operation of the full codec fleet across a network of internet-connected devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. The application can be hosted privately on any virtual machine, or operated as SaaS in the cloud.

Codec Fleet Manager supports phone book creation and management much like the ‘contacts’ interface on a smartphone, tablet or computer. While this element of the app describes all the characteristics of the contacts included in a fleet of codecs, the application also provides control over connection profile details, favourites, and associated filters.

The application allows authorised users to preconfigure and edit contact settings for the entire codec fleet and then apply those settings. Read/write access is managed by the administrator. As a consequence, at the codec level, the user interface mimics simple mobile phone operation, assuring ease of use regardless of the complexity of underlying IP protocols, profiles, N/ACIP signalling modes, and quality of the supporting connection.

‘Our new Codec Fleet Manager offers a significant improvement over the labour-intensive and time-consuming technical processes once required to maintain a fleet of AoIP contribution codecs,’ says Digigram Head of Product Marketing, Pascal Malgouyard. ‘This secure application keeps each codec up to date and enables access from any location, whether by the studio administrator or a remote technician. By encapsulating the complexity of intricate AoIP protocols and cryptic specialised IP audio parameters, this application makes codec operations as straightforward as placing a phone call.’

The release of the Codec Fleet Manager is the first step in Digigram’s larger rollout of cloud-based AoIP solutions.

More: www.digigram.com

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