Dante Controller v3.5Audinate has released Dante Controller v3.5, an update to its free networking management configuration and monitoring application.

New features add advanced real-time network monitoring functionality, including multicast bandwidth use, clock health monitoring and latency management statistical information. These provide quickly identification and rectification of potential issues on a network, while preserving Dante Controller’s ease-of-use.

‘Many of the new features in Dante Controller 3.5 were implemented to directly meet specific customer requirements’, says Audinate VP of Product Management, Gary Southwell. ‘Dante Controller 3.5 includes many features that AV and IT professionals could only dream of a few short years ago.’

Key updates:

Enhanced Latency Reporting
·  New histogram-based reporting and tracking of transmitter latencies – provides at-a-glance information about the latency performance of audio flows for supported devices.
·  Latency histograms indicate if latency play-out settings are properly configured, and also provide an overall view of the health of the network: allowing an operator to quickly see if an audio flow has been properly configured and if underlying network issues could potentially develop into an audio quality problem.
Improved Clock Health Monitoring
·  Clock health is now tracked on a per-device basis via dedicated performance histograms. This enables the quick and easy detection of difficult-to-diagnose network issues, which are impacting clock accuracy - such as clock traffic bottlenecks, and low-performance external word clocks.
New Preset Tool Suite
·  New preset system exposes XML-based network configuration presets for use in off-line configuration tools. This simplifies the setting up of new networks, and the reconfiguration of existing networks.
·  Presets enable simpler switching between standard configurations and special event configurations. Provides greater confidence in the ability to share audio network configurations for multiple uses and/or user groups.
Redundant Network Connection
·  Enables visibility of primary and secondary networks at all times. Redundant devices can still be seen and managed via the secondary network in the event of a problem with primary network connectivity.
·  Simplifies redundant network set-up, and allows verification of network configuration.
·  Provides real-time notifications about connectivity status on both primary and secondary networks.
New Channel Grouping Capability
·  Allows simple viewing and configuring of large numbers of device channels, in groups of 16.
·  Each group can be expanded then collapsed when set-up is complete.
Improved Network and Device Status Information
· Network and device information has been enhanced and restructured across two tabs (including a new Network Status tab) to provide a clearer and more useful overall picture of the network.
· New notification icons provide real-time information about a range of network and device events.

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