Apex Intelli-X²

Apex Audio used the Plasa show to launch its Intelli-series of audio system management devices.

Featuring internal processing up to 192kHz as standard, high-end studio-grade analogue circuit designs and mastering-grade compressors, the Intelli-series provides system management and speaker processing.

Designed to be a plug-and-play unit, the Intelli-X² is simple to configure and integrate into any network, either as a standalone system controller or crossover configured using front panel controls, or a comprehensive wireless networked system for large tours, the Intelli-X².

The Intelli-series comprises two devices – Intelli-X² 26 (two-input/six-output) and Intelli-X² 48 (four-input/eight-output), providing comprehensive system alignment and EQ, through to the IIR and FIR based crossovers.The internal processing is selectable from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, providing full compatibility with standard and high-end sample-rate formats. Sample rate convertors are provided on the inputs and may be switched in and out of circuit as required.

in the units are aimed at both live and studio applications, and I/O can be selected (in pairs) to be either analogue or AES3/EBU, enabling a mix of audio formats to be used simultaneously. An intuitive front panel, with integral LCD menu (using graphical icons similar to those used on many smartphones) makes operation of the Intelli-X² quick to learn.

Four sync options are available – word clock, AES A/B, AES C/D and internal. The Intelli-X² series manages synchronisation by providing a three-tiered redundancy approach, ensuring that if any sync source is lost, the Intelli-X² will automatically revert to another (as defined by the user) ensuring no loss in audio.

An integral date and time-based logging system is incorporated within all Intelli-devices. The log provides details of any key configuration/ control changes made and this log is available for viewing on the front panel display, or can be downloaded directly onto a computer.

The Intelli-series is designed to interface easily into any existing (or bespoke) Ethernet network via internal three-way Ethernet switches. Both automatic IP (DHCP) and static IP configuration is provided as standard, enabling plug-and-play connectivity and more rigid IP assignments for use in fixed installations. SNMP support also provided. Wireless access points can be directly connected to Intelli-X² devices allowing direct control over a wireless network.

A comprehensive preset library is provided, and comprehensive test procedures (including vibration and thermal tests, extended soak testing and the use of high reliability power supplies) ensure against the rigors of life on the road.

More: www.apex-audio.eu
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