TC Electronic LM2The TC Electronic LM2 is a stereo loudness and true-peak level meter for use in post and live production, broadcast ingest, linking and transmission applications.

With the LM2’s front panel display offering the key parameters that indicate whether a broadcast standard is being met, the unit also has a ‘Stats’ display for more detail. Alternatively, it can be connected to a PC or Mac via USB to get full, realtime Radar screen picture via an included Icon application.

Delivery Specs and Metadata
Global broadcast guidelines now recognise the need for keeping audio transmission easy and predictable, the main facilitators being transparent normalization and fixed metadata. LM2 allows precision normalisation and optimum use of dialnorm metadata in AC3 transmission in order to avoid level jumps between regular programming and promos or commercials.

Standard Compliance
LM2 comes pre-loaded with factory presets compliant with new ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, NABJ, OP-59, BCAP and other guidelines. It is also field-upgradeable to maintain compliance with global practices as they are refined.

Connection to the
LM2 is through a variety of 24-bit audio inputs and outputs: AES/EBU, TOS, SPDIF/AES3 id, Adat and analogue. The digital I/Os are fully synchronous while analogue I/Os are scaled in the analogue domain for maximum converter dynamic range. Analogue inputs can be trimmed at 0.01dB precision.

Aa a standard feature, LM2’s Radar function shows details of the past 24 hours operation, but the unit has suffucient memory to look back over a week– by dumping log files to a PC or Mac, it is possible to import files into included, graphing templates.

While the primary application of the LM2 is loudness metering, it also provides automatic level offset of programmes at a no-compromise resolution (synchronous, 48-bit, fixed-point engine), and includes a precision true-peak limiter to avoid output overload when positive gain normalisation is required.


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