Lake has announced the v6.1 update to its Lake Controller digital audio processing platform, ‘substantially’ improving the implementation of Dante, adding new integration support for SysTune real-time audio analysis software, and a number of other developments aimed at both live sound and large-scale fixed install applications.

Lake Controller v6.1Across both Lab.gruppen’s PLM (Powered Loudspeaker Management) Series and Lake LM (Loudspeaker Management) Series, v6.1 will see seamless Dante synchronisation between the Lake Controller and Audinate’s Dante Controller, where all information is now also available for the PLM and LM Series products.

The update makes Dante easier to configure in large networked systems and more stable and reliable, with increased compatibility with Dante controller for parallel monitoring, naming and routing from either controller. Additionally, a new feature allows the user to set their Lake devices as the preferred Dante network Clock Master.

There is now a new separate Dante Receiver for intuitive routing, and by default, Dante is now the highest priority source in the PLM/LM input router, valid when a Dante stream is routed to the specific Dante Receiver in either the Lake Controller or Dante Controller, giving greater ‘plug-and-play’ functionality. As before, the router offers full flexibility and multiple Dante Receivers can be used – giving up to quadruple signal redundancy with different Dante sources on both Prio1 and Prio2, AES on Prio3 and analogue on Prio4.

The v6.1 update also introduces RTA software integration possibilities with SysTune 1.3 now featured, adding to the recent integration with Smaart v7 and LiveCapture (introduced last year with v6.0). Real time integration with Lake Controller will be implemented with the imminent release of SysTune 1.3.

Further key features:

· Support for Fixed IP and Dante and Dual Redundancy.
· Monitoring of Fixed IP, Auto IP or DHCP configuration via front panel
· Global Dual Redundancy control from the Lake Controller
· Monitoring of Dual Redundancy state in front panel home view
· Technical Data pop-up in I/O Config for offline and virtual frames
· Various improvements and bug fixes

There are also new features in Lake Controller 6.1 that offer enhanced capabilities for install.

Version 6.1 introduces a new Pilot Tone function, facilitating generation and real-time monitoring of an inaudible test signal within the PLM 20000Q and PLM 10000Q* platforms. Designed to support installations that require 24/7 monitoring of the connected loudspeakers – typically with fault detection within 45s. This means that any fault within a large scale system can be immediately notified, located and rectified. This implementation ensures that PLM Series continues to meet the most stringent system requirements for large-scale mission-critical PA/VA applications.

*Comprising of both new software installer (Windows PC) and firmware update for PLM Series and LM Series products, Lake Controller v6.1 is available to download free from

(*: The pilot tone generation and detection works for any PLM 20000Q, but only for PLM 10000Q manufactured in Feb 2013 and forward.)

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