Design and control software provider has extended its support to Rane Corporation’s new DSP paging and audio distribution platform, HAL.

Rane HALHAL is a powerful DSP platform designed to manage room combining, paging and distributed audio systems. It does this without recourse to matrix mixing or presets, and enables room combining and paging without the need for wiring is to distribute announcements or BGM to multiple zones. Stardraw Control now provides access to all HAL levels, selectors, presets and toggle functionality.

HAL may be interfaced to an application using a broad range of peripheral devices, including smart digital remotes, remote audio devices (RADs), portable and in-rack auto mixers, bus expansion devices and an advanced paging system. The HAL1 and Halogen software check the status, location, Cat5 wiring integrity and audio flow in all peripheral devices. Finally, HAL is fully compatible and easily integrated with existing Rane products like gain-sharing auto mixers and Rane’s wide variety of RADs.

With Stardraw Control’s support, custom control interface can control and monitor the whole system, not just the HAL element. Furthermore, it opens up the option to control a system from any or all of the types of devices supported by Stardraw Control – PC, iOS, Android. Any Windows PC or any device that hosts a web browser can be used as a control interface.

‘Stardraw Control is the unifying element of your system,’ says Marketing Director, Rob Robinson. ‘You can create your own UI to your own specifications using the technologies and tools that best suit your needs and those of the client device itself. The application itself can control any device over any protocol, and its drag-and-drop interface and intuitive design environment means that systems can be configured and controlled from Windows devices without having to write a single line of code. Stardraw Control’s open architecture approach enables you to use non-proprietary hardware to control any type of system so that overall, Stardraw Control solutions can be deployed at a fraction of the programming time and hardware costs of conventional control systems.’


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