Building on its established Prodigy series, DirectOut’s new Maven offers a powerful DSP engine in a compact 1U-high platform, ‘expanding the integration possibilities for sound engineers, system designers and A/V professionals, whether in a fixed location, or on the move’.

DirectOut MavenMaven delivers the same power as the Prodigy series and is fully compatible with the Prodigy.MP, and supports a variety of audio network formats including Dante, AVB/Milan, Ravenna/AES67 and SoundGrid.

It is intended for live sound, installation, remote production, studio recording and broadcast applications.

‘With Maven, we can now offer the unlimited DSP feature-set, uncompromised reliability, and flexibility initially introduced by Prodigy.MP on a smaller footprint of just 1U,’ says of DirectOut CEO, Jan Ehrlich. ‘Our customers’ demand for a more compact and even more granular platform in terms of software plug-ins and budget, which has encouraged us to set new limits.’

DirectOut has also announced the USB.IO. Compatible with both Prodigy and Maven platforms, USB.IO is the first DirectOut product developed in collaboration with RME. Based on the USB 3.0 core by RME and using their renowned low latency technology, the USB.IO benefits from high performance Windows and Mac drivers with unrivalled stability.

This USB-C module offers 28 channels I/O at standard sample rates (1FS), while the entire range from 44.1kHz to 192kHz is supported. Usable in Class Compliant mode, or with the RME drivers, the module expands usability into any USB-C computer or handheld device. RME drivers are supported by TotalMix FX software, which offers an extensive range of mixing and routing options. The card extends DirectOut’s EARS (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching) technology into any DAW used on a connected computer, furthering the world class redundancy that engineers rely upon in high end venues across the globe.

‘These products represent the natural next step for our Prodigy range, expanding DirectOut connectivity to USB in a smaller, more transportable package for ultimate flexibility,’ says DirectOut CTO, Claudio Becker-Foss.


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