d&b audiotechnik has released ArrayCalc 11.4, providing a ‘significantly simplified’ interface function in conjunction with Ease 5 electro-acoustic simulation software, for more efficient modelling of sound systems and room acoustics.

According to d&b, users such as acoustic planners, consulting offices and sound engineers will find that the link between ArrayCalc 11.4 and Ease 5 simplifies their workflow significantly. The previous process, considered time-consuming and error-prone, will now give way to a smoother experience, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Complex and tedious projects are made easier to complete, and the latest features reduce the burden of manual tasks, allowing users to focus more on creativity and precision.

d&b audiotechnik ArrayCalc 11.4‘Users can now export the XLD file format with an extended set of information – this is the first significant simplification and streamlining of the previous transition between ArrayCalc and Ease,’ says Florian Hahn, Product Manager Software at d&b audiotechnik. ‘ Facilitating the transfer of relevant data from ArrayCalc 11.4 to Ease 5 reinforces our commitment to providing solutions that simplify the lives of acoustic planners and sound system designers.’

The v11.4release of ArrayCal introduces an advanced export feature specifically for d&b system designs. It now offers seamless export of the XLD format, consolidating relevant loudspeaker information into a single file. This XLD text file includes the loudspeaker GLL type (eg XSL LA.gll), exact positioning, orientation, delay, and level information for each element of the sound system, as configured in ArrayCalc. This streamlines the handover process with Ease 5, allowing users to import the comprehensive XLD file directly into the simulation environment. The new functionality is being supported onward from the R60 update of Ease 5, released in February 2024.

Additionally, for projects involving point source groups, each individual point source item within the group is also exported, ensuring accurate representation, and simplifying complex simulations. With this consolidated approach, ArrayCalc 11.4 significantly improves workflow efficiency for acoustic planners and engineers, enabling smoother collaboration and more accurate simulations.

‘The latest advances in integrated workflows between Ease and ArrayCalc are an important element of our long-term strategy to strengthen and expand our software interoperability,’ says AFMG MD, Stefan Feistel. ‘This not only simplifies the experience for our diverse user base, but also adds value to our offering. We look forward to the next integration steps on our roadmap with d&b.’

ArrayCalc 11.4 is available for download.

More: www.dbaudio.com/global/en/products/software/arraycalc

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