Launched by Equipson under its Work Pro brand, the Integra Series of DSP matrix units provide 8, 16 and 32 input/outputs configurable on a per-channel basis with adjustable gain, EQ, compression and limiting. Aimed at the installation market sector, the Integra Series allows users to optimise the listening experience in any environment.

The flexibility offered by the Integra range addresses applications from the small installations with very few areas to process, to larger installations with a variety of different areas, such as department stores, supermarkets, gyms, conference rooms and hospitality.

Work Pro Integra DSP matrix‘Our aim with the Integra Series is to give professional installation customers advanced technology that opens up a world of creative possibilities,’ says Equipson CEO, Juan Jose Vila. ‘These products give users the ability to individually configure and correct audio in multiple zones depending on what audio processing is required to produce the best sound.’

The 8-channel Integra is delivered with Integra 8S, native parameter management software offering function control on inputs and outputs and configurable DSP architecture for each channel. The software includes controls for input and output gains, expander, compressor, parametric equalisation, limiter and anti-feedback on each channel. Its visual matrix and automix module ensure that it can be used for many different types of installation.

The more advanced 16-channel Integra 16+ and the 32-channel Integra 32+ both feature Dante digital inputs. These versions are supported by Integra Plus native parameter management software, which incorporates all the features of Integra 8S, with additional functions including noise gate, parametric equalisation up to 31 bands, Ducker and Voice Tracking for synchronising video cameras. Both software versions are intuitive to use thanks to a visual interface that allows users to see configurations in real time.

In addition to a a wealth of control features, all Integra Series units have USB ports for play/record, API for third-party management, and can be controlled from mobile devices via apps for iOs and Android.

The Series is also supported by a WC 3U Wall Control unit with an OLED screen and built-in rotary button/push button, which is designed for simple and complete programming through the Integra 8S and Integra Plus software. Housed in an aluminium enclosure, the Wall Control unit also features TCP/IP and UDP communication capabilities, making it easy to integrate into a variety of systems. It is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) to simplify installation requirements.


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