JBL has announced its Venue Synthesis 3D acoustic simulation software, designed to enable system designers and engineers to accurately predict the acoustical and mechanical performance of JBL sound systems.

An intuitive user interface allows designers to transition from conception to deployment with the support of an advanced acoustic engine, which generates high-resolution simulations to accurately match real-life performance, and a sophisticated mechanical engine that generates precise system reports and array statistics.

Venue Synthesis 3D acoustic simulation softwareVenues can be created from scratch using the built-in tools or import 3D models using common geometry file formats such as SketchUp, DXF, GCF, Ease and CATT-Acoustics. Tools are provided to modify geometry and assign audience areas, with tags to organise geometry in logical groups.

Images can be imported and scaled to quickly create models from basic 2D drawings, with a Pen Tool to trace over images and use the Special Object Creator tool to create common architectural features, such as balconies and revolutions. Direct SPL can be mapped using 1/12th octave high-resolution loudspeaker data and a variety of noise signals, including Pink-Noise, Pink-Noise IEC, Male/Female Speech and Sine.

Array and grouping tools allow users to create large multi-point arrays, with features such as symmetry and mirroring to accelerate design. Optimising large, distributed subwoofer arrays can be achieved with the built-in Electronic Delay Steering calculator.

Delay spread mode maps time offset variations across a venue, with a built-in Delay Optimizer to generate delay values automatically to minimise time offset for delay towers and fill. A Headroom Analysis tool ensures the system output requirements can be met – a variety of test signals are available to understand headroom impact from spectral content. Study headroom across system groups to ensure uniform limiting across the system. Mechanics Mode validates and refines mechanical configurations, with the Array Statistics tool to confirm safety factors.

Supported JBL loudspeaker systems include the VTX Series, VRX900 and SRX900 line arrays. Supported operating systems include Windows 10, Windows 11 (x86, x64) (Windows on ARM is not supported yet) and macOS (Intel, Apple Silicone).

Key features:

  • 3D Full System Mapping.
  • 2D System View.
  • 3D Hardware Renderings.
  • Special Object Creator.
  • Import Drawing.
  • Delay Optimizer.
  • 2D and 3D Views of Mechanical Configuration.
  • System Groups.
  • System Group File Export.
  • Quick SPL.
  • Mechanical Equipment Validation.
  • Safety Warning Notification System.
  • Headroom Warning.
  • Mechanics Tools and Array Statistics.
  • Rigging Manual Generation and Export.
  • Global Notifications.

More: https://jblpro.com/products/venue-synthesis

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