The needs of engineers wishing to use multiple audio devices with different audio or music applications, DAW, game, communication apps concurrently, with the ability to patch anything with anything, channel by channel, are addressed by VB-Audio’s new Matrix software.

VB-Audio Matrix software‘Why we made the Matrix: an audio framework to connect several audio devices and applications together channel by channel,’ says VB-Audio’s Vincent Burel. ‘Three physical ASIO devices, Several Windows Applications, Several DAW and even Several Computers (thanks to VBAN streaming) can be connected together with a total control on audio routing.’

This first VB-Audio Matrix version allows managing up to 1360 I/O (680 input channels by 680 output channels) through the following possible different audio interfaces: three ASIO Drivers (able to manage respectively 128, 64 and 64 channels max), four Windows Audio Recording Devices (able to manage eight channels max each), four Windows Audio Playback Device (able to manage eight channels max each), four VAIOs (able to manage eight channels max each), four VBAN Bi-directional Stream with eight channels and one VBAN stream with 64 channels, and four Virtual ASIO device (able to manage respectively 8, 64, 64 and 128 channels max).

VB-Audio matrix introduces different new technologies. First a virtual DSP to mix and manage this big amount of channels from different stream clock with a minimal CPU load. Second, the Matrix VAIOs (Virtual Audio I/O) now based on a new model of audio driver especially made for Windows 10 and Windows 11 x64. Finally VBAN protocol is now offering a 64 channels stream to transport multichannel audio from a computer to another through your usual local network.

VBMatrix uses a powerful graphic user interface to manage a large I/O count easily. While the Main view is showing everything for monitoring, the Matrix-View manages routing quickly with advanced functions (Line, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo) and Preset Patch to store multi-zone routing, possibly connected to a Midi controller to Apply, Unapply, Mute, Reverse Phase or change its Master gain.

This Matrix Application is distributed as Donationware.


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