Powersoft Deva 1S modulePowersoft has patented a new technology that incorporates solar power with bi-directional wireless A/V communications. The first product to result from the technology is the Deva 1S power/control module and interface module, aimed at applications ranging from background music to paging, in combination with video and/or audio surveillance.

The power/control module consists of a solar panel, batteries, as well as processing, Wi-Fi communication, and amplification. The interface module consists of loudspeakers, light, and optional devices such as camera, microphone and telemetric sensors.

‘The Deva technology has endless possibilities,’ says Thomas Mittelmann, Powersoft Business Development Manager. ‘Theme parks, sport venues, corporate and public facilities, transport hubs, emergency/rescue services, even shopping centers – they all difficulties distributing sound and surveillance over large areas because of the infrastructure it demands. Deva is a self-contained, completely independent concept providing everything needed and it is wireless. It can be easily tailored to the exact requirements of an application and can be installed very easily.’

‘Efficiency was also the key when designing Deva,’ adds Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft Managing Director and Head of R&D. Solar power is “green” and freely available, but to keep a product compact, you must reduce the power consumption of everything running off it. The Deva 1S is a fairly small device and capable of running longer than necessary even in complete darkness.

  ‘The same is true for the video or surveillance features of the unit. The Deva unit(s) is configured according to the customer’s specifications, connects via Wi-Fi to standard equipment, and does not cost anything more once installed.’

The Deva 1S is extremely efficient for long periods of operation and stand-by use. The high-capacity battery, which is charged through the solar panel even in low light conditions, offers approximately 30 days of stand-by. The integration of a class-D amplifier into the unit helps support up to 40 hours of continuous audio playback equivalent to five days at eight hours/day. An energy-efficient high-powered white LED supplies optical signalling or lighting as video image support for up to five hours. All without need to recharge the unit.

Due to its compact dimensions Deva 1S can be installed permanently or temporarily. It can be mounted to walls or poles, allowing the power/control panel to be aimed at the sun and the interface module at the audience. Weather resistant moulded plastic enclosures are available in custom colours to match specific applications.

Wi-Fi communication is used for set-up, upload and bi-directional real-time operation, as well as real-time feeds for music or announcements. Playback of locally stored audio is supplied via an internal SD memory card. Remote PC software aids in highly customised set-up and operation, including grouping of Deva units in zones where required.

Depending on hardware equipment and software set-up, alternative configurations for specific purposes of Deva 1S are possible – for emergency services. Internal ports (Ethernet including PoE, USB) are provided for backup and peripheral devices.

Deva units have an assortment of add-on options that expand the versatility of the unit. Add-ons can include a video camera, microphone, FM tuner, GPS/GSM module and smoke, infrared or photoelectric sensors.

More: www.powersoft-audio.com

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