Grund Audio Design has released the DP-26C Loudspeaker Processor for live sound and fixed installation applications.

Grund Audio Design DP-26CProviding 96kHz resolution, the unit can provide a flat amplitude response with a 90° or flat 180° phase rotation at a selected frequency.

With the ability to define system parameters via an external PC, adjustment of settings can be made while maintaining a ‘global’ visual perspective of the system. Equally significant, the computer requires minimal processing capability as the actual audio processing is handled on the DP-26C. The unit’s software interface runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Macintosh software is to follow. While the software interface is the preferred method for interacting with the DP-26C, full functionality is accessible via the unit’s front panel controls.

The DP-26C has two analogue inputs, a stereo digital input, and six analogue outputs. Each input has five filters and each output has five parametric filters. Both input and output filters can be selected to be bell, first/second order shelving with -3dB at cutting frequency, symmetrical shelving with variable Q, HP/LP with variable Q, first/second order, all- pass (90/180° phase rotation at the cutting frequency), bandpass and notch.

It also offers compression and brickwall limiting on each channel output, facilitating multiband compression. The RMS compressor has a selectable ratio up to 32:1 and adjustable hard/soft knee. The output peak limiter with total harmonic response in Vp or dBu is for the protection of the loudspeaker. The RMS compressor and peak limiter’s THR can range up to-30dBu. Each input and output channels have delays up to 850ms, in steps of 22µs.

For remote control purposes, the DP-26C can be accessed via USB or, for longer cable requirements, a USB-to-RS485 converter/adapter can be used. With an adapter, the DP-26C can reside on stage while adjustments to the processor are made from the FOH mix position.


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