Lawo has announced Release 2020-2, bringing further control enhancements to its VSM IP broadcast control system.

Lawo VSM Release 2020-2New Flow State Master functionality defines VSM as the master of the true flow routing status. With this functionality, Lawo’s IP Broadcast Control System ensures that an IP infrastructure is in a deterministic routing state at all times. In addition, it restores this state automatically after partial or full outages in the network infrastructure, bringing a new level of operational security to IP production environments.  

For multi-studio facilities requiring frequent changes to the studio floor set-up, Wallboxing allows moving devices across an API-controlled IP infrastructure while maintaining flow connectivity. In a large production facility where stageboxes, monitors, teleprompters and other units are consistently moved around, Wallboxing ensures that existing IP links are re-established when a device is connected to a switchport at the new location.

With Network Bridging, two or more independent VSM-controlled IP installs can share relevant sources. Whenever one network infrastructure needs to access selected sources of another network infrastructure, VSM facilitates this with minimal configuration effort while preserving most of the functionality exposed to operational workflows. An operator working on the signal-providing system marks sources as ‘shared’, so that operators on the signal-consuming system can access these signals for local use. The tielines between systems are automatically and silently managed by VSM, based on actual signal consumption. Typical applications are nationwide facility connection, truck-to-facility connection, and increasingly truck-to-truck connection.

The new VSM Release 2020-2 will be available from summer 2020.


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