Cedar Audio has announced a new version of firmware for the DNS 8D multichannel noise suppressor.

Cedar Audio DNS 8D The upgrade includes three significant upgrades – storing and saving noise profiles, dumping and recalling presets and improved screen and button management.

The processor’s original software stored all processing parameters in the current set-up as a preset, but not the invisible noise profiles calculated for the eight channels by its Learn function. These noise profiles can now be stored when a Preset is saved and also in the current set-up when the unit is switched off, to give continuity of operation when switched on again.

The DNS 8D has 100 memories (Presets). A new browser page within the unit now allows these to be dumped to a Mac or PC and later recalled, making it possible to back up individual projects for use at a later date if desired.

As some users had found the brightness of the screens and buttons to be too high in low light conditions, a low/medium/high brightness function has now been added, along with the ability to switch off the screen saver. When selected, this dims the screen after three hours, extending its life but still letting users know that the unit is active and functioning correctly.

‘In each case, these updates offer major improvements for the users who requested them, so we're delighted to have been able to respond to their needs,’ says Cedar Audio Managing Director, Gordon Reid. ‘Owners of existing DNS 8Ds can download the new firmware directly from our website as well as the latest DNS 8D manual which includes update instructions and descriptions of the new features.’

More: www.cedaraudio.com

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