Powersoft has announced the latest update to ArmoníaPlus audio system management software, replacing the software’s previous Events tab with HealthPlus – a streamlined monitoring environment for all elements in a given sound system with improved communication, control and reporting. It can be used in applications spanning a touring PA and fixed installations such as cinemas, airports and theme parks.

Powersoft ArmoníaPlus HealthPlusThe HealthPlus display is a complete suite of system diagnostic controls for monitoring the health and effectiveness of any sound system in real-time. In addition to input monitoring for power amplifiers, speakers and other connected devices, the system is also capable of measuring system health indicators such as headroom, temperature, voltage and impedance to ensure optimal performances of all elements and will automatically alert users in case of malfunctions or element failures.

Engineers can also now use the Event History function to track uploaded programs, user logins, and diagnose any long-term system issues. Finally, HealthPlus has improved reporting, giving users the ability to track multiple indicators at once over an hour time log period for more detailed system monitoring.

‘We’ve designed ArmoníaPlus to be efficient and streamlined for effective use under any working conditions,’ explains Powersoft US Application Engineer, Rick Woida. ‘With the new HealthPlus tab, engineers now have easier access to a peerless set of tools for system management, ensuring long-time health of any system and the ability to quickly diagnose and fix any potential problems better than ever before.’

HealthPlus is available now to all ArmoníaPlus users.

More: http://armonia.powersoft.it

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