Antelope Audio has released the Opto-2A, Space Flanger and Vari-Speed Tremolo for its recently-released Discrete 4 Synergy Core and Discrete 8 Synergy Core audio interfaces.

Antelope Audio Opto-2A/Space Flanger/Tremolo Antelope Audio’s Opto-2A replicates the subtleties and nuances of an iconic 1960s-vintage electro-optical compressor. The continued use of the original hardware in broadcast and recording studios worldwide more than half a century after its inception is testament to its audio engineering excellence.

Exceptionally warm sound and gentle compression character have endeared it to generations of artists and producers, possibly gracing more hit records than any other outboard unit in hardware history. Key to its personality is the T4 optical attenuator, the outcome of time spent developing optical sensors for the US military. Its sonic signature is the two-stage release, greatly contributing to its smooth and musical compression; flick a switch and the compressor becomes a limiter.

The compression ratio varies, depending on the source signal; the average attack time is fixed at 10ms; the initial release time is around 60ms for 50% of the release, with the remainder occurring gradually over one to 15s before the signal fully recovers. The release timing responds to the length and strength of the incoming signal – slower when under prolonged heavy compression or above threshold signal level, faster if below threshold signal level.

Taking advantage of the Synergy Core platform’s computational capabilities, Space Flanger is capable of producing phases, sweeps and swooshes with control over Gain (-12dB to +12dB); Wave (triangle or sine wave modulation); Feedback; Delay; Rate (mod frequency); Depth; and Mix between the dry and wet signal. The Vari-Speed Tremolo, meanwhile, takes a versatile approach to vintage tremolo with a five-position Wave selector and the addition of a Vari-Speed Rate knob.

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